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JUDE: 40$ -> See his credits and toggles on his sale page

Together: 65$

You have to fill out yours and your partners information properly. If this avatar is on an account that is not on my customerlist, i will send out a dmca takedown request. If you purchase the package for yourself, please make sure to communicate that with me by typing "This Package is only for me" at the checkout where i ask for the partners information.

• Fullbody ready
• Phys bones ready
• Custom facegestures and physbones interactions ! (Noseboop, Assslap, Headpat etc!)
• 4 Skintone Prefabs
• 3 Species to choose from
• 5 Haircolours materialswap
• 4 Hairstyles to choose from (bun, ponytail, curly, curly backhair)
• 4 Outfit colours materialswaps
• Bodysliders for thighs and boobs
• Particle fingertrails
• Toggle for: 'Cigarette', Rose, Goggles, Glasses, Bodysuit, Blindfold, Garter, Hoodie, Fingertrails, Bigger lips
• Hueshift of hair- & tattooemissions
• Vrlabs marker
• Throwjoint
• Afk, emotes and poses
• Physicbones & colliders all set up and set to not posable
• Clean unitypackage, prefab + FBX included

Uses unity 2019.4.31f1, has vrcsdk3, the Maya unitypackage, a readme and PoiyomiToon 7.3.050 included.

Please read the "read me" file included! It includes the upload information.


Head: ZinPia aka Sugs#9795
Base: Pandaabear#9873
Bodysuit: Darcy#0005
Hair : Gelw0#1000
Bun: Powdur#6808
Cape: Wachi#8967
Ears: ничто#6666
Horns: Stalya#0118
Demontail: DOGU#0271
Glasses: Hayweee#1999
goggles: juuul#3822
blindfold: berryvee#0697
necklace: Aantara#1337
Boots: Nauuki#5353
Rings: Aika#6666
Bodytexure 1: Ying#6669
Bodytexure 2: Wylo#8483
Facetexture: miing#8888
Garter 1, armaccessory, piercings: khihani#3550
Garter 2: loki#3000
Icons: Uni#1369
Marker: Vrlabs
Locomotion: Rad#1145
Throwjoint: Cam#1959

All assets are bought or aquired with the right commercial license and you are not allowed to use anything of this avatar whatsoever.


-Do NOT leak/share/Pricesplit my package (Not even sharing so someone else can upload for you)
-Do NOT purchase from me if you know nothing about unity or dont have a pc
-Do NOT upload my work to filesharing websites/piracy websites etc
-Do NOT claim it as yours.
-Do NOT make the model nor your edits of this model public
-You can NOT take parts for your own personal or commercial models! my avatars are not an assetmine! (No textures, animations, material settings, assets, base/head edits, NOTHING)
-I am NOT held accountable for any future game updates that may break the avatar nor am I accountable to fix all issues they may cause (i will try my best to help tho).
-No refunds! If you chargeback & don’t fix this issue, you will get a ban from my server & reported to gumroad/paypal.
-You are NOT allowed to make any kind of content in my avatars without my consent. Not on Instagram, not on Tiktok, not Twitter not Facebook or any kind of social media. Message me beforehand to hear my conditions.
-You can NOT make any kind of profit off of my avatars, neither using them as showcase material for textures, nor streaming etc.
This requires an extra license that you have to contact me for.
-You can NOT import any of my models to other games than vrchat

  • Polygons
  • Materialslots
  • Meshes
  • Unityversion
  • Ingame size
  • Questversion included
  • Polygons320k
  • Materialslots51
  • Meshes11
  • Unityversion2019.4.31f
  • Ingame size75MB
  • Questversion included No


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